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We are opening the doors of a very special place for everyone in Elephant and Castle: our much-loved Shopping Centre, that closed its doors after 55 years but will always remain in our hearts.

In this dedicated #MyElephantStory page you will find memories and pictures from locals, former and current residents, traders, customers, campaigners, families... Londoners who love The Elephant.

We have collated all these stories because we are strong believers that Elephant and Castle's rich history deserves to be kept alive by reflecting years of encounters, laughter, hugs, endless conversations over coffee, eating, drinking and dancing... Bonding. Building a community.

We want to thank all members of our community who contributed by sharing their stories with us. For all those who are not featured and still want to share their memories, you can send them HERE.



Photo of the stopping centre
Pen sketch of an elephant by Sonia Quintero
A photo of the original elepahant statue in the shopping centre

Do you have more stories?

Send us your thoughts, memories, arworks, videos, photos or audios of Elephant & Castle and we will include them in the project!

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