The market was very very busy, all the families from the [Heygate] Estate were buying from us, we’d start the market at 6 in the morning, we were trading with lots of different products, many stalls, many traders, it was very busy 6 days a week. I was living from there, Elephant and Castle market was like a second home for everyone. Every traders was united, we stayed together, talked together, sometimes we’d be sharing any pain together. If someone wanted to go somewhere we’d look after their stall until they came back. We had a lovely, lovely time. Most of us have at least known each other for the last ten years. For me, 16 years, since 1997 - now I have a lot of memories in this area. It has a big meaning for us. Even if I have nothing to do in this area, I still have to come. When I started to study, I had my workers working for me, and also my colleagues would look after my workers when I wasn’t there. It was amazing. I feel like crying! When I pass by now and I see it empty, my heart is like a broken heart, my memory starts… it’s hard to imagine we’re not coming back.