Maureen Yule

We moved to Elephant and Castle in the 60s. Fridays I used to get off the bus at the Shopping Centre, go into the Abbey National to pick up me wages, and then I used to walk round the shops and see if there was something to buy; they had a nice H Samuels, Woolworths, Peacocks… they had all stalls outside with shoes, records, bedding, coats. I used to go to Bingo at the Coronation twice a week, then we used to go to the Charlie Chaplin and have a drink there. Where we lived down in Meadow Row, they used to have a nice fish and chip shop, it was lovely there, we’d have fish and chips Thursday night - cos that used to be hard up day Thursday - and fish and chips was quite cheap, and mum didn’t have a lot of money. Where we lived we had a pub opposite us called the Hand in Hand, and we used to go over there and my aunts and uncles used to play the piano over there, everyone used to have a sing and dance.